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You can find the Michigan Center for Career and Technical Education, or MCCTE for short, on the campus of Ferris State University. We are part of the College of Education and Human Services at Bishop Hall. MCCTE’s main purpose is to support those involved in learning throughout life, and developing the workforce by being an informative source.

MCCTE helps those in education and also the training side of things, stay up to date on curriculum’s, industrial standards, and helps them hone their professional skills in order to be able to provide more of a real-world environment in the classroom, so that students are able to more completely grasp central concepts.

Contacting MCCTE can be accomplished through the website, and MCCTE would be happy to provide additional resources on career development, professional seminars, or even information on the development of a new program. In addition, should you have any questions in regards to workforce development, please don’t hesitate to contact MCCTE.

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